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LCL Logistix's Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions are geared to deliver success to business enterprises, from multinational manufacturing companies to single traders. The SCM logistics team focuses on improving, streamlining and optimizing costs in the complex flow of goods across the world. From production lines till the final market, we ensure that each step of the supply chain is optimized for business cost and productivity.

LCL Logistix designs and develops Supply Chain Management solutions based on a few simple process-oriented guidelines:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Efficient global delivery integrated with local needs
  • Reduction of inventory
  • Reduction of supply chain costs
  • Shorter lead times
  • Improved productivity

Coupled with these guidelines, we follow a consulting-led model to assess logistics requirements. LCL Logistix delivers results based on our experience, network and insights of over two decades.


With global reach across land, air and sea, network of 30+ offices in India, and asset-heavy business model, LCL Logistix leverages its extensive infrastructure and capabilities for SCM. Some core competencies that we have developed are:


LCL Logistix maintains a network of warehouses with inventory control and distribution services throughout India. Our Logix Parks in strategic locations are designed to support global sourcing and Just-In-Time supply chain management needs. With our custom-bonded or general warehouses, we can save our clients the expense or investment of maintaining dedicated warehousing facilities in multiple locations.

Our designs, systems and equipment reduce warehousing and distribution cost to our clients while increasing their efficiency. Our Web-based and advanced inventory control systems allow clients to take stock and plan ahead.

As part of its integration strategy to be present throughout the transportation value chain, LCL Logistix operates warehouses for storage and inventory management across the country. LCL Logistix has its own custom-bonded and general warehouses in locations such as Mumbai and Haldia for its customers' storage needs. LCL also operates a 7-acre empty container yard and repairing facility at New Delhi.

LCL Logistix's heavy investment in infrastructure assets will continue to add to a seamless supply chain experience of global standards.

Documentation and Insurance

LCL Logistix provides exhaustive and accurate web-based documentation of goods through the supply chain cycle, from transportation, loading and offloading, pickup and delivery. The exact location of the cargo can be traced in real time using our online tracker.

LCL Logistix ensures that our clients are safeguarded from risk to the supply chain. Even when plans, processes and checks are in place, a glitch in the supply chain can throw the entire production and delivery cycle off track. We catalyze the fastest recovery time in the case of such a disaster and provide insurance to the value of the cargo to minimize losses.

Customs Clearance

LCL Logistix provides door-to-door delivery of goods, including landing cost calculations, declarations and reporting, monitoring, port authority charges and other processes. We enable the transportation of goods across borders with ease.


With fully-owned subsidiaries, partners and agents based around the world, LCL Logistix manages the full range of logistics services required for our clients. An integrated SCM provider, LCL Logistix is geared to support the global needs of our clients. It is emerging as an international partner for Supply Chain Management.

LCL's local experience and international understanding of complex supply and demand chains allows us to synchronize cargo flows and increase the overall efficiency of logistical operations in India. In a fast paced and ever changing international business environment, a seamless and hassle free delivery of cargo directly to your door ensures that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.


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