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LCL Logistix is one of the leading global players providing Buyer's Consolidation services due to the large volume of cargo handled by us. Our services include large volumes of cargo handling, local level vendor support services and global delivery. We ensure that we provide significant value addition to our client's supply chain needs.

Freight consolidation   Vendor-Managed Inventory   Real-time Reporting   Repackaging and labeling

As we handle a large volume of ocean and air freight, we consolidate Less Than Container (LCL) from multiple customers into Full Container Load (FCL). We then separate the items for 'just in time' delivery. This service avoids the premium for LCL as well as inventory costs for our customers.


Vendor-Managed Inventory is one of the best ways to build transparency and visibility between a manufacturer and a supplier in the management of supplies. Vendors take ownership of the inventory; the customer buys directly from the supplier, and we handle all of the inventory management issues. LCL Logistix imports, stocks and delivers inventory based on its customers' forecasts and release schedules.


We provide constant monitoring and reporting including in-transit information, deliveries, status of shipments and more. Up-to-date information lets buyers avoid logistical mishaps that can result in plant down-time or in expediting costs. We provide customers with online status and inventory reports.


Cargo that is brought to the warehouse in economical load quantities can be repackaged into convenient labeled containers in quantities suitable for the end user. To manage inventory and just-in-time delivery to manufacturing lines, we can repack part of the cargo for delivery.