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  Disruptive Technology is the way to the Future

In today’s world of geo-political uncertainty, narrow nationalist electoral upheavals and surprise events like Brexit, businesses face one of the most uncertain and challenging times across the globe. India stands out as an exception due to newfound political will for reforms, a growth-oriented economy and benefits of a young demographic.

Globally, interconnected businesses, like shipping, logistics & freight are still grappling with the macro-economic slowdown, overcapacity and a general de-growth in the economy. But is it the end of the road or just a bend in the road? Should we try to do things differently?

At LCL Logistix, we believe that disruptive technology-driven innovation to create customer delight is the way to move ahead. The shipping and freight industry has long focused on building hard assets and it is time to look at using smart technology to utilize these hard assets in a ‘smarter’ way. Smart technology to serve customers better, drive down costs and challenge the traditional business model is key to our survival and future growth.

As an industry, we need to learn from our new customer set – the millennials – who want us to reach and serve them in a more digitally integrated ecosystem. To reach the new customer, technology-first companies like Uber, Amazon, Maersk, Alibaba, etc. are entering the freight forwarding space with technology disruption as a key enabler. They have made deep investments to upgrade technology and build ‘intelligent’ customer solutions.

World over, collaboration and consolidation are defining a common recipe for growth. With one of world’s largest container shipping companies CMA CGM as our investor, we have the scale and size to expand our offerings, share information and build economies of scale.

We will embrace new technological advancements to stay relevant, competitive and flexible to best serve our clients’ changing needs and aspirations. Technology will be our ally in our endeavor and ensure that we maintain high standards of service, along with implementation of global best practices.

At LCL Logistix, we want to be a technology and innovation-first company. We want to serve millennial customers at their preferred place, time and platform. And, technology is helping us think afresh to reach there.

Thanks and Regards

Vibhu Prakash
Managing Director & CEO

LCL Group